Food & Specialty

We offer large volumes of Finished paper of printing and specialty paper both in reels and sheets, which we gather from well-known mills all across the globe.
We also do customized packing based on customers requirement with branded and white label solution. We also do customized packing based on customers requirement with branded and white label solution.

MG Paper

Fluting paper is sized and then used o make corrugated board, which is then converted into boxes. The corrugated board consists of outer liner paper and inner liner paper, with fluting paper in the middle. Being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials such as bubble wrap and other plastic-based solutions, it is 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource.
Different weighted papers are available for different strength requirements.

GSM Range: 50 – 200 gsm

  • Food Packaging
  • Packaging for consumer durables
  • Corrugated cardboard tray packaging
MG kraft

Virgin Kraft Paper

Virgin Kraft liner is a type of Kraft paper having a Virgin top and Kraft on the other side. The virgin top is made from 100% virgin fiber and is widely used in food packaging and the consumer durable industry.

GSM Range: 200 – 250 gsm

  • Packing boxes
  • consumer durable
  • Book covers

Whitetop Kraft Liner

Whitetop Kraft liner is another grade of kraft paper having a white top on the side and kraft on the other side. Whitetop can be coated or uncoated based on the requirement of the customer and depending upon the application of paper. This board is suitable for high-quality printing applications. We offer White top Kraft Liner coated starting from 180 to 550 gsm.

Un-coated White top kraft liner starts from 180 gsm and goes up to 350 gsm.

  • Packaging boxes
  • Industrial packaging
  • Food packing
  • consumer durables

Kraft Liner

Kraft liner is the very high-strength paper used for the packaging and corrugation industry. It is made from 100% recycled fiber and has got high elasticity and tear resistance. It is used for packaging materials with high strength and durability. We supply kraft liner in reels with high-quality standards of packing and strong rewinding.

GSM Range: 80 – 200 gsm 

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Television boxes
  • Refrigerator boxes

Carry Bags

Glazed kraft paper with clean & smooth surface used for varied industries like food packaging and other industries.
100% FDA approved and made from recycled fibre

  • Food packaging
  • Bakery bags
  • Carry bags
  • Gift wrapping