Why Recycle?

The process of recovering waste paper and recreating new paper products out of it is termed as Paper Recycling. The paper which can be used for re-cycling is termed as Scrap paper. Commonly scarp paper can be taken from three places;

  • Mill Broke: Paper cuttings and trimmings from paper manufacturer, which is then recycled in a paper mill.
  • Goods discarded after use: Paper goods like books, magazines, news papers etc. and other paper stationery which are discarded after consumers’ usage.


The biggest reason of de-forestation is paper production. More than 90% of paper pulp is produced using wood. So as per facts, 1 ton of wood can be saved if one ton of newsprint is recycled. As above Kraft Pulping involves double times the use of wood so recycling printing paper can save even more trees.


So let’s, Show Appreciation to our Future Generation!










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