Finished Paper

Our other products include Surplus Stock Reels, which are a part of fine & finished paper. These are specific range of paper in various forms such as rolls and on pallets. Sold by paper mills or printers because of production overruns, these surplus stock reels are paper product items.

We can offer large volumes of stocklots of printing and speciality paper both in reels and sheets, which we gather from well know mills all across the globe.


Printing Papers:

Our broad variety of printing papers listed below gathered from big producers are highly appreciated by all our consumers

  • Coated Paper - standard + improved
  • Art paper woodfree, c2s
  • LWC
  • MWC
  • HWC
  • MFC
  • Uncoated Paper
  • SC-A / MagazinPapier
  • Glazed News

Special Papers

  • Woodfree Uncoated Printing/Writing Paper
  • Woodfree Coloured Paper
  • Labelpaper
  • Greyboard
  • Folding Box Board - GD, GT,DU,GC
  • Poly-coated Paper
  • Glasine Paper
  • Used leather released paper
  • Self- Adhesive Paper
  • Self- Adhesive Vinyls
  • Siliconized Paper
  • Chromo Paper











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